Setting Up Your Outlook Account

To set up your Outlook account, follow the directions below. If you get an error message about a profile, you may need to delete the default mail profile. To do this, follow the directions here.

1. Click on the Start button, then on All Programs. Look for the Microsoft Office 2013 folder. When you open that folder, you should see Outlook 2013. Double click to start the program. This screen should appear:

Outlook Setup 1

2. Click Next. You will see this screen:

Outlook Setup 2

3. Make sure Yes is selected and click Next once more. This screen will follow:

Outlook Setup 3

4. Enter your name (first and last), email address as your, and your MyFSU password. Click Next, and the client will authenticate your information:

Outlook Setup 4

The following screen will then appear:

Outlook Setup 5

5. Enter your email and password. You should be presented with this screen:

Outlook Setup 6

6. Click Finish and Outlook will open:

Outlook Setup 7

If you have any problems, give TAC a call.

Last updated: 04-09-2014