What Happens the Weekend of Migration to Office 365?

Just a few more days left before migrating to Office 365 for members of University Advancement and Marketing, Student Affairs, Executive, Administration and Finance divisions, and Affiliates (FYI - Emeriti have requested to move to the same weekend as Academic Affairs – March 7).

So what will you need to know for this Friday?

Migration starts after 5 PM

The migration is a two-step process that will happen over the weekend.

  1. Your new email account in Office 365 will become “live.” Incomingmail will be diverted to your new Outlook account; it will not be in
    your Lotus Notes inbox.
  2. The techs will copy all your existing email, folders, to-dos, and
    calendar entries over to your Outlook account.

The second step of the process can take a long time, so if you go into your Outlook account over the weekend, depending on how far along the process is, you may or may not see all of your email, to-dos, calendar entries, etc.

You may still send email with your Lotus Notes account over the weekend; however, you might not have a copy of it in your Outlook sent folder after migration.  Therefore, we advise that you avoid doing anything in your Lotus Notes email, to-dos, or calendar unless necessary.

You will receive an email from ITS once your department’s migration is completed, but, of course, it will go to your new Office 365/Outlook account! Login to http://Office.ferris.edu periodically over the weekend, if you would like, to look for an email from ITS.  Remember, your login id is your MyFSUid@ferris.edu, and your password is your MyFSU password.

Once you see that email from ITS, you may start performing the post migration steps, which will be detailed out in the next announcement.

(Did you miss Mondays’s announcement on pre-migration prep?  View it here)


If you have any questions or need help preparing for the migration, visit our website at  http://www.ferris.edu/office365, or contact TAC at 231-591-4822 or toll free at 877-779-4822.

Last updated: 02-19-2014