Successful Migration of Departmental/Generic Email Accounts

IT Services successfully migrated roughly 250 departmental / generic email accounts last night.

As we mentioned in last evening’s UWN, there is one account owner assigned to each departmental / generic account.  The technicians will be sending an email with the subject of “Departmental/ Generic Account Email Account Login info” to each account owner with the login information and password.  We will send the email to the account owner by 2 pm today.

If your account owner is not at work today, or it is after 2 pm and you have not received an email, please contact the Technology Assistance Center at (231) 591-4822. You will need to press 2 for Faculty or Staff support, then press 2 again.

The password will need to be changed the first time the account owner accesses the account.  The account owner will then need to share that login info with anyone else they wish to have use the account.

If you need help setting up access to the departmental account on your computer, see the instructions here: If you need additional assistance, you may contact our Office 365 support specialists by calling (231) 591-4822. You will need to press 2 for Faculty or Staff support, then press 1.


Thank you,

Ferris Information Technology Services