Post Migration Steps

First, we just wanted to remind you that if you have any problems getting the Outlook software on your computer, or getting your mobile device set up to talk to Outlook, work doesn't have to stop. Just use the Outlook Web version at You will be able to perform most of the tasks most people use the email/calendaring system for. The biggest  reason to use version on your desktop is to manage multiple accounts manage someone else's inbox, and use some other nice-to-have features. You can view all the details here.

If you normally use MyFSU to get to your mail, the email icon at the top of the screen will still be pointing to Lotus Notes for now. You will want to use the Office 365 link in the Login Links channel on the MyFSU tab to get to your new mailbox.

Post Migration Steps

After you receive the notice from ITS that your account has been migrated, or starting Monday after your migration date, you will want to complete these steps:

1. Set up Outlook software on your office computer

For Windows 7 users, first go to All Programs in the Start menu. Go to the Microsoft Office 2013 folder and click Outlook 2013. (tip: for easier access next time, you can either a) right click to add Outlook to your task bar or start menu, or right click, click Send To, Desktop, to put Outlook 2013 on your desktop.) Remember to use your MyFSUid as your login id.

See the rest of the instructions on how to set it up here.

If you have a Mac and your Apple user account name is your ShortID, see this link for further instructions. If your Apple user account name is different from your ShortID, follow this link for further instructions.

Note: Outlook 2013 desktop version will not work with Windows XP. Contact TAC if you need to upgrade your operating system. You will need to use the web version until you are upgraded.

2. Export your contacts from Lotus Notes and import them into Outlook

Follow the instructions here to get your contacts for Lotus Notes to Outlook.

3. Set up your mobile devices (if you have any)

First, review any drafts you have in your draft email folder on your device. Decide what to do with them. Otherwise, they will be deleted when you do the next steps.

  1. Remove the Lotus Notes Traveler application by following the instructions here (please do this first!).
  2. Add the Office 365 account by following the instructions for your device as listed here.

If you have trouble with your mobile device set up, call the TAC as mentioned below. You can also bring your devices to the walk in mobile device help sessions. The first one is Feb 26th from 9 am to 12 noon in FLITE 438.

Popular FAQs related to life after migration

How do I get help after I migrate?

We have contracted with an outside group to help answer phone calls related to Office 365 questions so campus techs will be able to remain focused on day-to-day support issues. You will still call the Technology Assistance Center at 231-591-4822, and select 2 for employee help, then press 1 to get to the specialists for Office 365. If the issue cannot be fixed over the phone, they will reassign the request to a Ferris campus support tech.

I need to email someone at Ferris, but their name is not in the global address book in Outlook yet. How can I find out what their address is?

You can quickly find them by using the online phone book. Alternatively, you can look in Lotus Notes client still.

How do I work with Time off Requests?

You will need to put time off requests in using Lotus Notes still, and approvers will need to approve them in Lotus Notes, too. You will need to block off the time on your Outlook calendar manually. It will not automatically add/update it.

How long with Lotus Notes server be accessible?

We do not plan to turn it off permanently until mid-May. You will still be able to go back and view things in there for a while.


See even more FAQs at   

Remember, it is a big change for those used to using the Lotus Notes system for many years. Even after the training, the first few days will be very unsettling. It will take you longer to do what was second nature if you've been using Lotus Notes for a long time. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

If you have any questions, contact the TAC at 231-591-4822 or toll free at 877-779-4822

Last updated: 07-02-2014