ITS Project Update - Office 365 website

As previously announced, Ferris State will be switching from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365 in the coming months. This is a big change, so we have put together a website to help ease the transition.

There is a simple shortcut that will take you to the home page:

There you will find a variety of information about how the migration will work, when it will happen, and what new updates about the process there have been. These things include:

  • What Will Migrate, where you can find out which services will be migrated and which you'll have to recreate.
  • Migration Schedule, which shows when your division will be migrated.
  • Latest News, which will be updated with all recent developments to keep everyone fully informed.
  • FAQs, which answers a few frequent questions - we will add more content as we get more questions.


The site also has pages with links to various training sites and tutorials for Office 365, including:


If you haven't already, don't forget to upgrade from Microsoft 2010 to Microsoft 2013 as soon as possible. For more information on that process, go here. In addition, the Office 365 homepage has a number of links to various training sites and tutorials for Microsoft 2013 programs, including:


and more...

For more information, call the Technology Assistance Center at 231-591-4822.

Last updated: 02-19-2014