Update on Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Project

Department/Generic/Student Employee accounts

We are starting the migration for department, generic and student employee accounts tonight at 5 pm. You will be able to start using the account in the morning.

Each account will have one primary owner. The owner will be contacted with the password information once the account is created.

View the instructions for how to access and use a department account from your account here.

More Advanced Training Sessions

There are a few open seats in the advanced training sessions in FLT 108 on March 31st. Please see this info to login to the vendor's and register.

Tips and Tricks

Responding to a meeting request

When accepting a request, you will see three options:

Meeting request

The first one is similar to the "Accept with Comments" in Lotus Notes. The second one works like the "Accept" in Lotus Notes. The third only adds the item to your calendar, but doesn't let the chair know you are attending. We really don't recommend using the third option in most cases.

Finding people in the contact book

Know someone's last name, but not his or her preferred first name, or, just can't find someone? Open the Address Book, and in the upper right, you will see an Advanced Find button. You can enter a last name in the last name field, and the resulting list will show all those with that last name.

Size of files you can send

Currently, the maximum file size / attachment you can send is 10 MB. This is a temporary limit until Lotus Notes servers are permanently gone.

Mobile Device Assistance

If you need help getting a mobile device (tablet, smartphone) set up to use Outlook, please first check out the information here.

If you need further assistance with your mobile device, those in the Big Rapids area may take it to Student Technology Services in RAN 108 (the University Center) (The door on the east side of the building is the one you want to use) They are open 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday.

If you are in the Grand Rapids area, you may visit the Kendall techs in room 404 of the Fountain Street building. If you are supported by the Satellite IT folks, please contact the TAC and put in a ticket. The techs will arrange a time to work with you.

Quick Help Cards Available

If you attended the in person training sessions, you might already have a set. If you would like a set, either you can pick them up in WES 127, or we can mail a set to you. Just give the TAC a call.

Thank you!

Ferris Information Technology Services

For technical support, contact Technology Assistance Center

Last updated: 03-26-2014