Microsoft Office 365 Training

Are you ready to learn about Microsoft Office 365 and the great new features that come with it? We are providing many opportunities for training on how to use Microsoft Office 365. Our training options range from live instructor-led on-site sessions to online webinars and video training.

We have worked with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers to develop training sessions to help you get up and running with Microsoft Office 365. These sessions are four hours long. Instructor-led, on-site sessions, starting February 3rd, will be held in Big Rapids and in Grand Rapids. These allow for hands-on learning with an instructor walking you through Office 365. New Horizons is also offering these same sessions in an online environment, where you can join from your office location and interact with the instructor via chat.

The course outlines are:



To sign up for these sessions, please see the instructions here. Please sign up as soon as possible for these. We suggest trying to take the courses close to your division's scheduled migration date (Don't know it? Check here).

To see the training calendar with all the live options, click here.

In addition to the live sessions, you can view video training materials at your own pace via We now have a contract that allows all of our faculty and staff access to's video library to view everything, from short videos on how to perform a specific function to hours-long videos covering a product in-depth. To see how to access the video library, click here. Note: has more than just Office items; there are hundreds of topics!

Any other questions? Check out the Office 365 web site or give the Technology Assistance Center a call at (231) 591-4822 or toll free at (877) 779-4822.

Last updated: 05-01-2014