Latest Update on Lotus Notes to Office 365 Project

Departmental/Generic/Student Employee Accounts

The migration from Office 365 to Lotus Notes is nearing completion. Most accounts have been migrated now, following the migration of departmental/generic/student employee email accounts. The problem with undelivered mail for these accounts has been corrected.

There are still several departmental/generic/student employee accounts that missed being on our first list that still need to be migrated. We are compiling the list now and, with our consultant, are planning an evening next week when we will migrate these last accounts. When the evening has been chosen, we will communicate it with all those affected.

Some users received incorrect login information or have had difficulty locating their login information. If you have had any problems logging in or have any other issues or concerns, please contact TAC at (231) 591-4822. You will need to press 2 for Faculty or Staff support, then press 2 again. The password will need to be changed the first time the account owner accesses the account. The account owner will then need to share that login info with anyone else they wish to have use the account.

Getting Help

For Office 365 assistance, you may contact our Office 365 support specialists by calling (231) 591-4822. You will need to press 2 for Faculty or Staff support, then press 1.

For any post-migration questions, see the FAQ:

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