February 21 Migration Reminder

As a reminder, the migration day for members of University Advancement and Marketing, Student Affairs, Executive, Administration and Finance divisions, and Emeriti and Affiliates is Friday, February 21, 2014!

Have you prepared?

Have you:

  • Requested your preferred name via MyFSU (if you desire a change)?
  • Verified the email addresses you have shared with people and put on publications?
  • Cleaned up your contacts/address book? Gotten rid of email addresses with /FSU in them?
  • Gotten rid of mail you no longer need?
  • Made sure your folders are not hidden or have problematic names?
  • Signed up to attend training soon if you haven't attended already?

If not, view the information on how to do these things here.

We have found that about 100 computers do not have Outlook 2013 on them yet, mostly due to people not shutting down their computers at night or rebooting. If you haven't rebooted recently, please do so, as this allows updates to install. To see if Outlook is installed on a Windows computer, click on the Start button, then click All Programs. Look for the Microsoft Office 2013 folder. If you open that folder, you should see Outlook 2013 (don't start the Outlook program, just click somewhere outside the menu to close it out). If you don't see Outlook 2013, contact the TAC.

If you have any questions or need help preparing for the migration, contact the TAC at 231-591-4822 or toll free at 877-779-4822.

Thank you,

Ferris Information Technology Services

Last updated: 05-01-2014