Microsoft Word Training Materials

You may use the following training materials to help acclimate yourself to Microsoft Word 2013.

Quick Tips for Word 2013

Getting started with Word 2013

  • Switch from an earlier version
  • Learn basics and beyond


What's new in Word 2013

  • New Read Mode
  • Object zoom
  • Resume reading
  • Online video
  • Expand and collapse
  • Save and share files in the cloud
  • Simple markup
  • Reply to comments and mark them as done
  • Open and edit PDFs
  • Live layout and alignment guides


Training courses for Word 2013

  • Custom margins in Word 2013
  • Track changes
  • Work together using OneNote, Word, and SkyDrive
  • Create labels
  • Mirror margins in Word 2013
  • Take tables of contents (TOCs) to the next level
  • Working with watermarks
  • Advanced mail merge
  • Collapsible headings


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Last updated: 02-24-2014