Lotus Notes to Office 365 - Pre-Migration Prep

Before your migration date:

Verify what your new addresses will be

  • Each employee will have a default email address of PreferredFirstNameLastName@ferris.edu and a secondary email address of MyFSUid@ferris.edu

  • Look up your Preferred First Name using the Microsoft Office 365 channel in MyFSU under the "Workplace" tab

If you want a different first name than what is listed, fill out the preferred name field in the form and submit it.

To request an additional email alias in addition to the two listed above, such as one with a maiden name or id that has the underscore in it, please submit that in the bottom of the form. NOTE: Only currently used aliases will be migrated.

If you submitted a new preferred name or alias, wait to hear back that it was approved before completing the next step.



Get ready to use your new address and notify others if an old address will no longer be used

  • Check email listservs, vendors that you work with, etc. and verify they are using an address in one of the two formats above. Also consider web sites that you have accounts on that you may have given your Ferris email address to for login or password reset issues.  You will want to make sure sites like Facebook, for example, are using the email address alias of PreferredFirstNameLastName@ferris.edu.

  • If you have your email address posted on FSU web pages, verify a correct email address is being used.

  • Review your publications, business cards, etc. If it has something other than the two above, you will want to have the publications updated or submit an additional alias request.


Sign up for training

  • You can attend a 4 hour, on-site, instructor led class or attend the 4 hour class remotely, check out training videos/courses on Lynda, or review the documents to help you get familiar with the products.


Delete unwanted emails

  • This is a good time to get rid of junk mail, email that you don’t need based on the records retention schedule for your area, etc.

  • Consider saving larger attachments to another location or deleting them if they are not needed anymore, such as older versions of documents that have been worked on over time.


To Check the Size of Each Email:

  1. Select “All Documents” from the left side of your inbox                 Select "All Documents"

  2. Sort the documents by size, largest to smallest by clicking on the “Size” column headingClick on the column heading of "Size"

  3. By starting with the largest ones, you can quickly reduce the size of your mailbox

To Detach Large Attachments:

  1. Open the email with the attachment you wish to detach

  2. Select the attachment(s) you would like to save elsewhere

  3. Right click and select “Save and Delete All Selected”

Right click selected attachment(s) and click "Save and Delete All Selected"


Clean up/update your address book: 

Review your contacts. If you have Ferris employees in your address book, look at their email addresses. Clear out the email addresses/IM fields that have a "/FSU" in any part of the contact info. You really should only keep the phone contacts for Ferris employees in your personal contact book.

Please synchronize your contacts to get them from any mobile devices to your Lotus Notes server based address book by following the instructions here.

If, when you look at your contacts, you find that there are hundreds in there that you did not put in yourself, please contact TAC.




Folder Management

If you have any folders that are hidden, private, or empty, they will not migrate over.  If you want to use them in Outlook, you will want to unhide them.

Rename any folders that have a / in the name.  Otherwise, the migration software will read that as an instruction to create a folder within a folder, and create two folders.





Migration Day

Post-Migration Instructions

Last updated: 05-01-2014