Getting Started

Get your contacts into Outlook from Lotus Notes

Follow the instructions here to get your contacts from Lotus Notes to Outlook.


Start using your Outlook client on your office computers

If you plan on using the Outlook client, verify that, for Windows, Office 2013 -32 bit, including Outlook and Skype, is installed on your office computers. For MAC OS, make sure Outlook for Office 2011 and Skype are installed.

  • Uninstall 64 bit versions and install the 32 bit versions, particularly if you use Visio or Project.  If you need help, contact TAC using one of the methods to the right.


Start Outlook and set up your account

For Windows 7 users, first go to All Programs in the start menu. Go to the Microsoft Office 2013 folder and click Outlook 2013. Remember, you can right click to add Outlook to your task bar or start menu, or right click, Send To, to put Outlook 2013 on your desktop. 

If you have a Mac, your Apple user account name is your ShortID, and your Apple account password is the same as your Active Directory password, see this link for further instructions. If your Apple user account name or password is different from your ShortID or Active Directory password, follow this link for further instructions.

Use your as your login id.


Set up your mobile devices (if you have any)

First, review any drafts you have in your draft email folder. Decide what to do with them. Send them to yourself to work on later, delete them, or send them to the person you wanted to send them to. Otherwise, they will be deleted when you do the next steps.

  1. Remove the Lotus Notes Traveler application by following the instructions here (please do this first!).

  2. Add the Office 365 account by following the instructions for your device, as listed here.


Keep the Lotus Notes client on your computer ONLY to work with:

  • Time Off requests

  • Shared/department accounts

  • Viewing your archived files


Note: you will not want to use the email icon at the top of MyFSU to send email.  This will be linked to Lotus Notes until Feb 24. You should use the Office 365 Login link in the Login Links channel on the MyFSU tab instead.

Contact TAC using one of the methods to the right and put in a ticket if you experience any problems with your new account, need help getting your mobile device set up, or need assistance getting your desktop software to work.





Last updated: 04-17-2015