Outlook Setup for a MAC - Automatic

These steps to setup your Outlook account make the assumption that you have already installed Outlook and that your Apple user account name/login name is your ShortID and your Apple account password matches your Active Directory password.

If you have not already installed Outlook, see this page for instructions on how to do so.

If either your account name is not your ShortID or your Apple account password is not the same as your Active Directory password , go to this page for alternate instructions.

1. Launch the FSU Software application.

Click on the FSU Software icon

2. Click Install on the Outlook Account Config application in the Featured Section (Featured Section is displayed by default when you open FSU Software).

Click Install on the Outlook Account Config application.

3. Check the box to save your response and click Allow.

Check the box and click Allow

4. Verify that your username is correct (should be your MyFSU login ID), type in your password (should be your MyFSU Password). Check the box to remember your password and click OK.

Verify your username is correct, type in your password, check the box to remember your password and click OK

Your account should now be setup.

If you encounter any problems during any part of this process, feel free to contact TAC using any of the methods to the right.

Last updated: 04-30-2014