Setting up Microsoft Outlook and Skype on mobile devices

NOTE: Mobile apps like Office 365 Suite -Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are currently unavailable due to licensing/costs constraints at this time.  This will be reviewed at a later time. You may still use Skype and Outlook apps.

These are instructions for setting up Microsoft Outlook and Skype on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.), Android devices, and Windows devices. If you have never used the device on campus before, and want to use the wireless on the Big Rapids campus, view the Wireless Networking in Big Rapids page.

Microsoft Outlook setup on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
Microsoft Outlook setup on Android devices
Exchange ActiveSync setup on Windows devices
Setting up your signature

Exchange ActiveSync setup on Windows devices

Manual Setup

  1. On Start, swipe left to the App list, select Settings, and then select email + accounts.
  2. Select add an account > Outlook.
  3. Enter your email address (e.g. and MyFSU password and then select "Sign in." Windows Phone will try to set up your email account automatically. If setup competes successfully, skip to step 8.
  4. If you see the message "Check your information and try again. You may have mistyped your password," verify that you entered the correct email address and password. At this stage, you don't need to specify any values for User name and Domain. Select Sign in. If setup completes successfully, skip to step 8.
  5. If your email account can't be set up automatically, you'll see the message, "we couldn't find your setting." Select Advanced. You'll need to enter the following information:
    1. E-mail address: Enter your email address (e.g.
    2. Password: This is your MyFSU password
    3. User name: This is your email address (e.g.
    4. Domain: This is ""
    5. Server: Enter
  6. Select the "Server requires encrypted (SSL)" connection box.
  7. Select "Sign in."
  8. Select OK if Exchange ActiveSync asks you to enforce policies or set a password.

Skype Application Setup

  1. Open the Windows Store application from your device.
  2. Locate the search box and search for "Skype" and locate the Skype app in the store.
  3. Download and install the app on your device.
  4. After it has been installed, tap the Skype icon to launch the app.
  5. Enter your address and MyFSU password to sign-in.
  6. Once you have authenticated, you will be able to chat, video conference, and perform other Skype functions.
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Setting up your signature

Setting up your signature in Office 365 Outlook on your computer does not set it up on your mobile device. You will have to do this separately.

  1. Go into Outlook 2013 on your mobile device. 
  2. Find an email you sent in Outlook from your computer and copy the signature. 
  3. Go to your settings.
  4. Scroll down until you get to Signature, paste in your signature, and save.

Last updated: 04-01-2016