Exporting Addresses from MyFSU Address Book

To check to see if you have addresses in your MyFSU Address Book:

1. Login to MyFSU

2. Click on the Email icon in the upper right corner. You should see the following type of email box:


3. Next, click on the Address book tab. You should see something like this: 



The example in the figure above has one address in it. If this person wanted to save that address, they would need to do the export of the address book.

An example of an empty MyFSU Address book looks like the following, and this person would NOT need to export their MyFSU address book.



To export your MyFSU address book, perform the following steps:

      1. While in MyFSU, enter into your email and click on Address Book.
      2. Click on IMPORT/EXPORT
      3. Under Export, choose Microsoft Outlook from the drop down, and click on Export Now.
      4. When the File Download pop up appears, click SAVE and choose your destination for this address book to be saved.
      5. Click SAVE to save your file. Remember where this file is stored.
      6. Your address book has now been saved to your computer


If you have any questions, call the TAC at 231-591-4822.


Last modified: 8/30/2010