ID and Password Help


***A new password tool was put into place this past summer. If you have not set up your challenge questions during fall semester 2013, you will need to complete steps 1-3 below.  Once you have set up your challenge questions and reset your initial password, see the section below the line to reset or change your password.***

Take a look at the links to the right to see the steps if you are having problems with this process.


1. Look up your new Ferris computing password and/or ID

2. Set up the NEW password reset tool

You must complete both items below to be able to use the tool to change your
password down the road using FSU Password Management tool!

Students: Please put your id in as UserID@student.local for the password reset tool*

Employees: Use UserID@ferris.local

2a. Set up my challenge questions, then

2b. Change my initial password

 *You only need to use your UserID to log in to MyFSU - Do not include "@student.local"

If you have set up the challenge questions in the FSU Password Management, you can use these links:

Still need help?  Contact TAC via the options at right.


Last updated: 11-07-2013