Starting Windows in Safe Mode

What is covered:

  • Using the F8 or Ctrl Key
  • Using the Command Prompt
  • Using the System Configuration Utility (Windows 98)
  • Returning to Normal Mode
  • What to Do When You Can't Start in Safe Mode


To start Windows XP/ Vista in Safe Mode:

Start with a powered down computer then turn the computer on.

  • After the first blank screen, while the computer is booting press F8 repeatedly to trigger the “Windows Advanced Options Menu”
  • Within the menu use the keyboard to select “Safe Mode” and the press enter.
  • The computer then will load in Safe Mode. If you have multiple operating systems choose the operating system you would like to boot in safe mode by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. Press enter to boot in safe mode.
  • Log into the Administrator account. If you don’t have a password for this account leave the password blank and proceed to login.
  • When you receive the message to proceed in Safe Mode click yes. (If you click No it will direct you to do a System Restore.)
  • When finishes running safe mode close all programs, and power-down the computer. The computer will then run normally.