Installing Microsoft Office

Note: These instructions were intended for installing Microsoft Office XP on non university computers running Microsoft Windows XP.


1. Place the Office XP Professional CD in the CD-Rom drive, and close the drive. The installation wizard will automatically start.

2. A window will come up prompting you to enter the Product Key. This will be on the CD sleeve that the Office XP CD came in. It will be the series of numbers and letters above the bar code, and will look similar to: Pro: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx Enter your Product Key and click the Next button.

3. When prompted, select the check box in the lower left hand corner which indicates acceptance of the license agreement.

4. The next window will ask you to choose the type of installation you need. Select “Custom” install from this menu. Also, there is a box labeled "Install to.” It is best to leave this at the default C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office. Click Next to continue.

5. Because Microsoft Outlook is not a recommended application, it should not be installed. Uncheck the check box that corresponds with Outlook. Also, select the option which states “Choose detailed installation…” in the lower left hand corner.

6. In order to eliminate future inconvenience, all office components should be installed. This can be accomplished by clicking the drive icons to the left of each software title. The option “Run all from My Computer” can then be selected.

7. The following window is simply a confirmation of all the applications to be installed. This should include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. As well, “Run from My Computer” should appear next to each. Click the Install button to continue.

8. When Office completes the installation, you will receive a box that says “Microsoft Office XP Professional Setup has completed successfully.” Click the OK button and then remove the CD from the drive.

9. After installing Office, it will be necessary to activate Office. The Activation Wizard will be automatically launched the first time an Office application is opened. In order to activate Office, Internet access is highly recommended. If you choose not to activate the software, Office applications will only run a limited number of times

10. Each CD is good for two installations of the applications. If additional installation of the software is needed, it will be necessary to contact Microsoft for approval.

If you encounter any other problems or need advice, contact the Technology Assistance Center at (231) 591-4822.