Clearing the Java Cache

Occasionally, there is an issue of a Java applet not loading correctly. When this happens you will see a white box with a red X in the corner. This could be due to conflicting versions of Java or the Java cache may need to be cleared. It is easier to clear the Java cache, so start with that before looking cleaning up conflicting versions of Java.


Click here for Windows 7 / Vista users: Clearing Java Cache Windows 7


Windows XP users, follow these instructions:

1. Open the Control Panel and find the Java icon. Double click the Java icon to open the Java Control Panel.

 Select java

2. You should see the Java Control Panel now. Click the Settings button and you will see Temporary Files Settings menu.

 Java Control Panel

3. Click the Delete File button. The Java Control Panel will then ask you to delete the temporary files.

 Temporary Files Settings

4. Depending on the version of Java you have, there may be more than one check box. Make sure both/all boxes are checked and click OK.

 Delete Temporary Files

5. Close the any remaining open windows after the files have been deleted, restart your browser, and the applet should load correctly.

Still didn't fix it? See Ensuring the correct version of Java is installed.