Banner INB "shutting down" Internet Explorer

There are some problems with computer users accessing Internet Native Banner (INB) through Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), especially if MS Office is Installed. Several of these errors also involve problems with Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) as well. To resolve this problem take the following steps in Internet Explorer:

1. From the Tools menu in Internet Explorer select "Internet Options"


2. Click the "Advanced" tab and scroll down to "Enable Third Party Browser Extensions" and make sure it is unchecked


3. Click on the "Programs" tab and then click the "Manage Add Ons" Button which will open a new window

programs tab

4. Another reason for INB errors is that some IE add ons may interfere with INB and cause it to fail. Once the Manage Add ons window has populated (this may take a minute) you can disable add ons by selecting the add on's name and the enable or disable radio button in the settings area. Scroll down and check for some of the follwing add ons that may interfere with INB"

  • Research
  • Yahoo!(any add on with Yahoo! in the title may interfere with INB)
  • Google (any add on with Google in the title may interfere with INB)
  • Send to OneNote
  • Grove GFS Browser Helper
  • Shockwave Flash Object

Manage Add-ons

5. IE Popup blocker may also cause issues with INB. To allow the site to override the pop-up blocker go to the "tools" menu and select "Pop-up Blocker" and then "Pop-up Blocker Settings" which will opwn a new window

Pop-up Blocker Settings

6. In the Address text box type "*" and click the "Add" button. in popup blocker