Adding Tegrity to a FerrisConnect Course

Because Tegrity is integrated with FerrisConnect, it can be added from within any FerrisConnect course. Select the "Add Content Link" on the course homepage, subfolder, or Learning Module. Click the Tegrity link and provide a title for your Tegrity instance (e.g. Tegrity, Class Recordings, presentations,...).

Add Tegrity


The Tegrity icon may be replaced by selecting the ActionLink >> Customize Link >> Replace Icon. The Tegrity icon is located in the Repository, within the "icons" folder under the Ferris State University division (scroll to the bottom and select "tegrityicon.png").

Tegrity Icon


Recording a Class with Tegrity

Once Tegrity has been added to the course, managing the application takes place under the "Teach" tab. Click on the Tegrity icon under the Teach tab. You will be prompted to install Tegrity on the computer. Popups must be allowed to complete the installation process.

A new window will open for Tegrity. Select the large "Record a Class" button located in the upper-right corner of the window.

Start XP


Note: Mozilla Firefox may fail to install Tegrity and require multiple attempts; for best results, install using Internet Explorer.

A couple of warning messages will be displayed requiring scripts and Active-x controls be allowed to run.

Once the Tegrity application has been successfully installed, a "Tegrity Recorder" window will open.



You may select a course to which you will post your recording and various settings for the recording (e.g. title, the use of an image or instructor's video, audio and video settings).

Recording other technologies with Tegrity

It is important to keep in mind that Tegrity will record only that media which is being delivered through the computer. When teaching in a technology enhanced classroom, instructors may have a variety of technologies available to them in addition to the computer and projector: DVD/VCR, Document Camera. In order to record media from a DVD player, the player must either be wired through the computer video card, or the DVD must be played through the computer itself. In order for content to be displayed via the document camera, the document camera viewer must be used on the computer.

Allowing Students to Record with Tegrity

Students may use Tegrity to record and share class presentations. The instructor must modify settings to "Allow students to record".

Change Settings



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