Using Respondus to Create Quizzes and Quiz Banks

Respondus 3.5 allows you to create your own questions and quizzes and surveys for use in FerrisConnect while you are offline. Questions can be typed directly into Respondus, imported from a file, or retrieved from a FerrisConnect course.

Some features of Respondus include the ability to:

  • Spell check an entire exam file.
  • Add tables, bulleted lists, font changes, and enhanced formatting (e.g. bold, italics) just like in a word processor.
  • Insert mathematical and scientific symbols using the Respondus Equation Editor.
  • Embed graphics, audio, and video without writing or viewing the underlying HTML.
  • Resize graphics and convert them to JPEG format with one click.
  • Preview questions before publishing them to the server.
  • Retrieve exams from FerrisConnect, complete with media files.

Note: Respondus is software for which Ferris has a campus-wide license. This means that you can request to have Respondus installed on your work computer free of charge!

Click here to view a recorded Respondus demo using Adobe Connect