Introducing Web Storage

Using Web Storage, you can access your Active Directory files from anywhere.  Follow the instructions below to log in, download, and upload your files using Web Storage.  

*Please take note that while using Web Storage, you will need to download your files to your local workstation and upload them back onto the server when you are finished making changes.


Logging Into Web Storage

  1. Log into MyFSU.

  2. Select the Workplace tab.

  3. Look for the Computer Network Services channel.

  4. Click on the “Access your personal and shared files -Web Storage" link.

    Computer Network Services

  5. Log in with your Active Directory credentials.





  1. Select either your Home Drive (H:\) or Department Drive (J:\).

  2. Navigate to a file you would like to view or edit.

  3. Click on the filename and select “Download.”


  4. Your file will be downloaded and you can view the contents or work with it on your device (if you have an appropriate package/app on the device).


  1. Save the updated file to your computer.

  2. Go back to

  3. Navigate to the folder you would like the file saved to.

  4. Select “Upload.”


  5. A dialog box will now ask you to choose the files that you would like to send from your device back to network storage.  Click on “Browse.”


  6. Navigate to the updated or new file.

  7. Select the updated or new file.

  8. Click “Open.”


  9. Select “Upload.”


  10. If you want to have the updated version write over the file on the network, click “OK.”

    File Exists

  11. If you saved over an existing file in Web Storage, the file will now say “Updated” next to it.  If it was a new file, it will say “New” next to it.


  12. To exit out of the uploading window, select “-“ in the upper right hand corner of the box to close it.




Logging Out

  1. When you are finished using Webstorage, click on your name in the upper right side of the screen to log out.

    Log out
  2. Also be sure to Log out of MyFSU by clicking Logout

Last updated: 07-18-2016