Active Directory

Active Directory Overview

Active Directory is a Microsoft or Windows-based service that allows you to securely store and organize your files and information. Once you have a username and password, you can then access your information from any workstation that has Active Directory.

The "H" and "J" drives are available when you log in to Active Directory. "H" is your personal storage location and "J" is your departmental shared file storage location. 


Active Directory centralizes information and allows authorized users easy access to the files and information they need. This will also benefit Mac users because it comes with more support for Apple products. Along with ease of use, Active Directory has a password reset tool that makes it easier for you to change your password. Your Active Directory account is what you will use to access MyFSU and several other systems.


In Active Directory, users will see many benefits:

  • Once you have a printer set up for your computer, you will be able to use that printer from any Active Directory workstation.
  • There will be a single login for your computer. This will make it easier in the case of forgotten passwords.
  • The password change done through the TAC Service Desk will change your workstation and network password. You will not have to wait for a technician to come out and reset your workstation password if you are locked out.


IT Services grants access through Active Directory after all the hiring paperwork is processed through HR and Payroll. Anyone requiring special access to any data available through Active Directory will need to contact the data owner to request access. The data owner is responsible for contacting the TAC to approve special access to network folders.


All employees and students of the University will be provided an Active Directory account.

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Last updated: 02-03-2014