How to Access Active Directory Shares from a Mac

Have a Mac and need access to shared departmental files on Active Directory? Open up the Finder window and select Go, Connect to Server... from the menu bar.


To access your "H: drive" type in:  smb://fsufs3/AA/UserID for those in Academic Affairs and smb://fsufs3/AF/UserID for those in other divisions. 

*Note:  Technical issues have been found connecting this way, please use Web Storage to access your H drive if you experience problems.


To access the departmental "J: drive" type in: smb://fsufs2 for those in Academic Affairs and smb://fsufs1 for those who are in other divisions.

connect to server Window

Before connecting, click on the "+" button to the right of the server address box to save it in the Favorite Servers list. The next time you want to connect, just select it from the list and click on Connect.



After typing in the server address and clicking on the Connect button, you will be prompted to type in your user name and password. It's important you verify the AD user ID is in the Name box if the account on your computer does not match your AD user ID.

link to share

After successfully authenticating, you should see a link to the drive under the SHARED section of the Finder window. Click on the eject button on the right to disconnect from the server.

Last updated: 03-06-2014