Student Login to a Computer with Active Directory

In order to log into any computer that is in Active Directory at Ferris State University, students must type in some extra text along with their computing ID.

The screen below shows a typical log on screen for Windows 7. Notice the "Log on to: FERRIS_AD" text in the red box below. This indicates that the computer is in Active Directory:

 Windows 7 Login Screen


Students will need to add the following text to their computing ID in order to log in to any computer that is in Active Directory: student_ad\

 Login box 1 domain backslash id

To log on, type your password in box (2 above) and press the Enter key or click on the arrow (3 above). Notice the Log on to: student_ad change in the red box on the image above. This means the information in 1 was entered properly.

Last updated: 03-07-2014