Question: What password do I use for MyFSU and FerrisConnect?

Answer: You will use your Active Directory password.


Question: How do I change my password in Active Directory?

Answer: Before you change your Active Directory password, you will need to setup your challenge questions by visiting Password Registration. Once you have set up these questions, anytime you need to change your password, visit https://pwdhelp.ferris.edu and answer your challenge questions. 

There is a new link on the MyFSU login page, ID and Password Help, that has detailed instructions for setting up your challenge questions and changing your password.


Question: What if a printer I need is not showing up?

Answer: The printer may still need to be assigned to your workstation. Try searching through available printers for one currently assigned to you. For more information on printing after the migration, follow these links: Windows 7 Printers


Question: What effect will the Active Directory Migration have on mail merging?

Answer: Since file locations will be changing, you will need to re-setup your mail merging if the files are saved on the network.


Question: What if a folder I need access to is not showing up in the J: drive?

Answer:  You will need to verify with your supervisor that you should have access to that folder. Your supervisor will need to contact the data owner to request access rights. The data owner must email the TAC to make the request.


Question: What if I share folders with another department? How do they access my shared folders?

Answer: Anyone not in the same department or college as you will need to manually map a drive to access your shared folder. Make sure the data owner has granted them permission to access the shared folder. Provide them with the full path to the folder, then have them contact TAC if they need assistance mapping the drive.


Remember, for any additional questions, please contact the Technology Assistance Center (TAC). View the links on the right for TAC's contact details.


Last updated: 03-24-2016