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The problem with the Collaboration Tool has now been resolved. There should not be any need for students or faculty to implement the work around that has been detailed below. We do recommend at this time that faculty change their default language pack setting back to the System Default. If you are still experiencing any problems connecting to the Collaboration Tool, please try the below steps, and if that does not resolve the problem then please contact the Technology Assistance Center to report the problem and have a work order logged.

1. Login to FerrisConnect.
2. Click the My Places icon in the upper right corner
     screen shot 1
3. Click the Personal Information Link.

     screen shot 2
4. Click the Change Personal Settings link.
5. In section 2, Select Language Pack, select the English (United States) option.

     screen shot 3
6. Click the Submit button to save the changes.

This will provide users with access to the collaboration tool. We will continue to work on a permanent resolution so that these steps are not required.