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Add Video Files in FerrisConnect Vista 

- This is helpful if you have zipped files from Media Production that you need to add to your course.

CPS Common Issues

- Common issues relating to the Classroom Performance System.

Upload CPS Session Results #1

- Learn how to use the Advanced Engage Options window within CPS when you engage a session.

Upload CPS Session Results #2

- Learn how to upload CPS session data at a later time, instead of immediately after a session is concluded.

Copying Content in FerrisConnect Vista 

- This article explains how to copy content that you have already prepared in one section of FerrisConnect Vista to another.

Development Shells Request Form 

- Learn how to request Development Shells in the FerrisConnect Vista system.

FerrisConnect Vista Settings Adobe Acrobat PDF Image

- This file will explain the different FerrisConnect Vista settings that you can configure. When these settings are saved they will be available by default each subsequent time you login to the FerrisConnect Vista system.

FerrisConnect Date Rollover YouTube Image

- Have you ever used the Date Rollover tool in FerrisConnect? You can update assignment, assessment, announcement and calendar dates all on one screen! Here is a short video on YouTube for how to use this tool.

Hide/Reorder Classes Adobe Acrobat PDF Image

- Step-by-step instructions detailing how to hide/reorder your classes in the Course List module of FerrisConnect Vista.

How to Enroll Members

- Learn how to enroll members into your course and assign a role to the user, such as a Teaching Assistant.

Import and Export Assessments

- FerrisConnect Vista makes it easy to copy assessments from one section to another. You can even share exported zip files with colleagues to allow them to import one or more of your assessments.

Logging Out of FerrisConnect Vista Adobe Acrobat PDF Image

- Instructions for logging out of the FerrisConnect Vista system.

Request New Course Shells 

- Information regarding how to request new course shells for FerrisConnect Vista courses.

Turn on All Topics View and My Topics View in the Discussion Tool

- If you are missing the options at the top of the Discussion tool which allows you to look at all posts and all new posts, then this will tell you how to turn that back on.

Uploading Files Adobe Acrobat PDF Image

- This file will show you step-by-step how to upload a file in the FerrisConnect Vista system.

Last updated: 04-11-2013