Add Video Files > Vista > Faculty Support
These instructions will come in handy if you had Media Productions convert or compress video files for you.
  1. Click on the link provided to you from Media Production to download the zip files containing your video clips.
    Media Production download image.
  2. You will be directed to a web page that looks like this:
    Secondary Media Production download image.

    Click on the zip file(s), one at a time, to download them and save them to your computer.

    Note: Be sure to save the zip files to your computer and not to open them. You do not need to unzip the files until you have uploaded them to your FerrisConnect course.
  3. Once you have the zip files saved to your computer, log into the FerrisConnect course where you want to add the videos.
  4. Click on the Build tab in your course, and then click on File Manager.
    File Manager image.
  5. Then click on Get Files.
    Get Files image.
  6. When the Content Browser window pops up, click on My Computer.
    My Computer image.
  7. Then find on your computer for where you saved the zip files. If you have more than one, you can upload them at the same time by holding down the Ctrl (Control) key and clicking on each file. Once you have the files selected, click Open.
    Content Browser image.
  8. If you have multiple zip files, you will have to extract them one at a time. To extract a zip file, click on the action link next to the name of the file, and select Extract.
    Extract image.
  9. FerrisConnect will extract the files into a folder with the name of the file, followed by the word folder. It’s a good idea to rename that folder and remove any spaces in the name. To rename the folder, click on the action link next to the name of the folder, and select rename.
    Rename image.
  10. Edit the folder name, and then click OK.
    Second Rename image.
  11. Now, staying on the build tab, go to the place in your course where you would like to add the video files, this could be the homepage, a folder, or a learning module. Then, click on Add file, browse for files, and find the html file within the folder containing the video files. Check the box next to the html file to select it and add it to your course.
    Select File image.
  12. You are all set! You will have to repeat step 11 for each video you need to add. Then, click on the Teach or Student View tab to check the links and ensure that the video plays.
  13. Finally, remember to delete the original zip files from your course. Once you unzip the files you do not need to keep the zip files – it simply takes up more space on the server. To delete the files, go back to the Build tab, click on File Manager, and click on the action link next to the zip file, and select delete.
    Delete image.