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How To Migrate a Course Over to FerrisConnect

  1. Login to FerrisConnect Vista
  2. From "My Blackboard..." Click: course you want to migrate
  3. Click: Manage Course - From "Build" or "Teach" tab
  4. Click Backup - Click Back up Course
  5. Click: OK
  6. Click: Manage Course - Click: Backup
  7. Once you see under "Status" - Completed
  8. Click: action link - next to the "title of the course"
  9. Click: Save as file
  10. Click on to take off "Tracking data" - At this point you should see the ".bak" file
  11. Click: OK
  12. From the "Build Tab" ... Click: File Manager
  13. Click: "My Files" look for the .bak file
  14. Click on the action link to the right of the file name
  15. Select: Copy Click on "My Computer"
  16. Save it to your storage location - Close the course

Go to FerrisConnect - After submitting, processing may take some time.

  1. Go to the course shell for the migration
  2. Under the "Course Management" heading and under "Control Panel"
  3. Click: Packages and Utilities
  4. Click: Import Package/View Logs
  5. Within the "Import Package" - You will have an opportunity to
    1. Select a package or upload the .bak file from FerrisConnect Vista
    2. Select all course materials
    3. Click Submit to finalize the migration
    Import Package Image

Last updated: 01-18-2013