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Where did the Feedback box, Rubric, and Submit button go in In-Line Grading?

- Changes were made to In-Line Grading during the most recent upgrade to the Assignment building block. Read this page for more information on where to find the Feedback, Rubric, and Submit button features in In-Line Grading.

What is Record from Web and how do I use it?

- Learn about the new Record From Web feature in Blackboard.

How do I use and customize settings for the Notifications Dashboard?

- Learn how to use the Notifications Dashboard to see what students have submitted Assignments, Blogs, Discussion Board posts, and Tests. Also, learn how to customize notification settings so that messages can be e-mailed to you.

How do I set up my course to make it the most functional?

- American Disabilities Act suggested guidelines for online courses. Quality Matters!

Why is my new course set to unavailable?  

- Instructions on how to change the availability of your course shells. Or, click on the image below to watch a YouTube video on the subject.

How do I copy my courses?

- This tutorial will provide information on how to copy a course to and from FerrisConnect. Or, watch the video below.

How do I add users to my development shell?

- This tutorial provides instructions on how to add and remove users for user with Instructor Plus access.

How do I add a test student user to my courses?

- Information on how to add a test student to your course.

How do I personalize my course?

- Information on how to change the look of your course within FerrisConnect

How do I move content between courses?

- This document will explain how to export content from a FerrisConnect course and then import it into another FerrisConnect course. Click here to download as PDF.

Where do I start designing my courses? Adobe Reader PDF Image

- Learn more about the layout of the Course Environment. Descriptions of Tasks and Glossary terms are available as well.

How do I hide my old courses?

- Information on how to hide courses within FerrisConnect

How do I move my tests from Vista to FerrisConnect

- This document will explain how to transfer exam questions and content from FerrisConnect Vista into FerrisConnect utilizing the Vista backup feature and the FerrisConnect import feature.

How do I move my courses from Vista to FerrisConnect?

- This document will explain how to migrate a FerrisConnect Vista course to a FerrisConnect course. Click here to download as PDF.

How to Use the New Text Editor

- This document will give a brief overview on how to use the new Text Editor released in the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 10 upgrade. The document also contains links to some Blackboard OnDemand videos.

How do I get to and interpret Course Reports?

- Information on how to view and make sense of in-course reporting for student usage.

Pearson MyLab Course Cartridge Help

- Getting started help for Pearson's MyLab Course Cartridge.