How to Request Blackboard Course Shells

  1. Log into MyFSU and select the Faculty and Advisor's tab.

  2. In the Blackboard channel located on the bottom right of the page in MyFSU, click on the link,  "Blackboard Course Request Form" (again, see Figure 1)

  3. A form opens up with your username, select term, and a text box for your phone number.

  4. Select a Term" from the drop-down list.

  5. Enter your phone number where you can be reached in the "Best contact number" text box. (see Figure 2 below)

  6. Click "Continue>>"

Image of course request form
Figure 2. Screenshot of form requesting best contact phone number.
Image of Blackboard channel in MyFSU
Figure 1. Screenshot of the Blackboard channel in MyFSU.

One of two screens will appear next.

If you have not completed the check-off process with your faculty mentor, your screen will look like the one below (Figure 3).  You will not be able to request your course shells until you have completed the appropriate training and check-off process.

Figure 3

Figure 3. Screenshot of form if check-off process has not been completed.

Please recall that for traditional, face-to-face courses in which Blackboard is utilized (these are typically referred to as "web-enhanced courses"), there is a Phase 1 check-off process.  For courses that are blended (in which some but not all "seat time" has been replaced by an online component) or fully online, there is an additional Phase 2 check-off process.

If you have participated in the Phase 1 or Phase 2 training session, you were paired with a faculty mentor with whom you will work to complete the check-off process.  You can also complete the check-off process by attending one of the check-off walk-in sessions.  For more information about training and check-off sessions, please go to the Faculty Center Blackboard Training webpage.  

If you have completed the check-off process, your screen will look like the one below (Figure 4); you will be able to proceed with the course shell request process.  Check the box for the courses you want and then click "Submit."

Figure 4

Figure 4. Screenshot of course list if check-off process has been completed.

To continue with the course shell request process:

  1. Check the box(es) for the course(s) for which you need Blackboard shells (see Figure 4 above)

  2. Click "Submit."

  3. Next, you will be asked if you wish to cross-list any of these courses (see Figure 5 below). When cross-listing courses, two (or more) classes are combined into a single Blackboard course shell. Indicate "Yes" or "No" and then click "Submit."

Figure 5

Figure 5. Screenshot of course cross-listing prompt.

If you selected "No," thus indicating you do not wish to cross-list any of your courses, the following screen will appear (Figure 6):

Figure 6

Figure 6. Screenshot if no cross-listings are requested

If you selected "Yes," thus indicating you wish to cross-list two or more of your courses, the following screen will appear (Figure 7):

Figure 7

Figure 7. Screenshot if a cross-listing is requested.

There are two terms that appear on the form associated with cross-listing.  One, as seen in Figure 7 above, is "Parent."  As you might guess, on a subsequent form you'll encounter the word, "Children."

The "Parent refers to the course that you wish to serve as the placeholder for the courses you are combining (i.e., cross-listing).  The courses you are combining, then, are the "Children."  We'll explain this further in the following instructions and screenshots.

Before doing that, there's one more important consideration at this point.  In Figure 7, you'll notice that only one course (CRN 80152) has been checked.  this means that there will only be one instance of cross-listed courses; CRN 80152 will serve as the "Parent."  If you wish to have more than one "Parent" (meaning you want to create two or more instances of cross-listed courses), you can indicate so at this point in the process.  You would simply place a checkmark next to the CRNs for which those courses will serve as "Parents" and then click "Submit." this is illustrated in Figure 8 below in which two courses -- CRNs 80152 and 80224 -- will be "Parents."

Figure 8

Figure 8. Screenshot if two "Parent" courses are desired.

As you might guess, the next step involves selecting the "Children," that is, those courses that will be combined (i.e., cross-listed) and associated with a specific "Parent" course.

The two figures below respectively, one instance of a "Parent" course (Figure 9) or two instances of "Parent" courses (Figure 10).  Naturally, which screen you will see depends on whether you selected one (see Figure 7) or more (see Figure 8) "Parent" courses in the previous step.

Figure 9

Figure 9. Screenshot for one "Parent" course.

Figure 10

Figure 10. Screenshot for two "Parent" courses.

At this step in the process, select the courses you wish to combine and, therefore, be associated with a particular "Parent" course or courses.  Then click "Submit."

A confirmation page will appear (see Figure 11).  Please note the time needed to process your request.

Figure 11

Figure 11. Screenshot of confirmation page, with information about processing time.

Once your request has been processed, you will be able to find your course shells(s) by clicking on the Blackboard  Bulldog icon on the top right menu of MyFSU.

  1. Log into MyFSU and click on the Blackboard icon

 MyFSU Blackboard Icon

  • One last note, if you cross-listed courses, the "Parent" course will be designated "xlist_(Parent CRN)."

Good luck with this! We're here to help, so call us (TAC) at ext. 4822 if you encounter a problem.