Assessments to Tests, Surveys, and Pools
A closer view of the enhancements and losses in Tests, Surveys, and Pools. This tool will require some retraining.

  • Question database migrates
  • Test header displays
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Instructions
    4. Total Questions
    5. Total Points
    6. Alignments
  • Questions Settings
  • Reuse Questions > Find Questions
Enhancements Losses
  1. More options for types of questions including:
    1. Calculated Formula
    2. Calculated Numeric
    3. Either/Or
    4. File Response
    5. Fill in Multiple Blanks
    6. Hot Spot
    7. Multiple Answers
    8. Opinion Scale/Likert
    9. Ordering
    10. Quiz Bowl
  2. Jumbled type questions – partial credit option available
  3. Matching type questions
    1. options for answer identifiers
    2. option to show answers in random order
    3. visual editor available for each question and answer
  4. Multiple Choice type questions
    1. Arabic or Roman numerals or upper or lower case letters available for answer options
    2. Visual Editor available for every answer item
  5. True/False type questons – can select answer display orientation
  6. Instructions written at the beginning of test creation
  7. Mark keywords in individual questions
  8. Mark levels of difficulty
  9. Calculated formula
    1. formula buttons in answer formula box labeled
    2. Answer formulas can be titled
  10. Under Reuse Question
    1. Option to Copy selected questions
    2. Link to original questions
    3. A “linked” question means if the question is modified then all appears of that question in any test/survey will be modified
  11. Under Questions Settings > Scoring > Specify default points when creating questions
  12. Use the currently assigned points when finding and adding questions
  13. Use default points when finding and adding questions
  14. Modify point value for multiple questions
  15. Question creation – more extentive question examples given
  16. Each question type includes Instructor Notes
  17. Statistics and analysis – 4 reports now available
  1. Types of questions and functions including:
    1. Calculated questions – fewer functions
    2. Combination type
    3. Essay (paragraph) – no pre-filled answer field
    4. Fill in the Blank:
      1. no option for case sensitivity
      2. cannot select answer box width
      3. cannot select schemes of contains, equals, or regular expression
    5. Multiple Answer – limit to only 20 possible answers
    6. Short Answer
      1. cannot indicate case sensitive
      2. no option for equal, contains, & regular expressions
      3. cannot be automatically graded
  2. No Save as New option
  3. Calendar indication of assessment
  4. Disallowing students to answer questions when time has expired and
  5. Determining which questions were answered when time expired
  6. Goals
  7. If an instructor incorrectly selects the wrong answer for a question, the test then has submissions, there is no tool to assist in mass regrading
  8. IP maskings
  9. Percentage value for Fill-in-the-blank or Jumbled sentence
  10. Preview
  11. Releasing test scores – fewer options of when to release & and what is released
  12. Submissions emailed to specific email address
  13. Submission message
  14. Set time period between quiz attempts
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