Classroom Performance System

CPS is the Classroom Performance System by eInstruction. It is the standard clicker for use on Ferris' campus, and all of the smart classrooms should already be equipped with CPS receivers and software. FerrisConnect has a plug-in that allows faculty to create a direct-link for students to register their response pad for their course. Additionally, the CPS gradebook will sync with the gradebook in FerrisConnect to easily add grades gathered from CPS lessons.

The Campus Current Version is 6.7. Unless there is a major update that comes out, we try to keep to 1 version through out the semester.


Uses for CPS

This is just a short list as there are many uses for clickers.

1. Voting

2. Polling

3. For quizzes or tests

4. To provide practice problems

5. Formative assessment through questions

6. To ask tough, ethical questions

Last updated: 01-10-2013