Connecting to Ferris' WiFi on iPhone/iPod

The Ferris WiFi connections require authentication via a browser to successfully connect a mobile device to the Internet. The option to save a network for future use is available, however, users will still need to authenticate via a browser should the connection be released by the server. The server will automatically require re-authentication after 3 hours. If the WiFi zone is saved you may skip to step 4.

  1. Tap Settings
    Ferris WiFi on iPhone Image 1
  2. Verify that Airplane Mode is off and tap Wi-Fi, then tap the appropriate Wi-Fi zone name. Should Airplane Mode be ON tap the slide bar so that it reads OFF. Most of the zones are similar in name to FSUNetI, select the one that has the highest signal strength designated by the icon to the left of the “More Information” carrot. Also make sure you are not clicking on a zone that contains a lock symbol. In the screenshot below you will see that the last zone is “locked”.
    Ferris WiFi on iPhone Image 2
  3. Once the connection has been made a check mark should appear to the left of the name of the zone you connected to. Press the home button located at the bottom of your device to return to your home screen.
    Ferris WiFi on iPhone Image 3
  4. Open a web browser by tapping the icon. In this tutorial we will be using Safari.
    Ferris WiFi on iPhone Image 4
  5. If you have previously been viewing webpages on another network you may click the reload button. If no webpages are open and you currently see “Untitled” at the top of the screen you can click on the search bar and search for a single character. We are only trying to get the browser to load a page so that it may be redirected to the authentication portal.
  6. Allow the page to fully load and login utilizing your MyFSU username and password.
    Ferris WiFi on iPhone Image 5
  7. You are now authenticated and may utilize your device on the Internet.
    Ferris WiFi on iPhone Image 6


Last updated: 07-26-2012