Accessing Computer Services

What public access for computing is available to students?

There are several areas on campus that have public access for computing. If you have a laptop, almost all of campus has wireless access. Also, there are several locations on campus with computer labs. For more information on locations, hours, and equipment provided in these labs, view the lab schedules.


Does the campus provide institutional e-mail accounts for all students and is e-mail used as an official medium of communication?

Ferris Mail - All students are given a Ferris Mail account, which is an email account powered by Google. It features email, calendar, Google docs, and Google chat. For more information on Ferris Mail, view the Ferris Mail page.

Employee email - All Faculty and staff are given an Outlook employee email account when they are hired. Outlook is a business email solution that provides email, calendar, and task list features. Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are also able to request an Outlook account. RSOs can do this by contacting TAC.


Is network bandwidth limited for peer-to-peer software, gaming, web cams, or other programs requiring high levels of network services?

Yes, peer-to-peer file sharing is blocked. This is mostly due to illegal downloading software being primarily peer-to-peer. Gaming is not specifically restricted. However, our responsibility is to the education of our students and any issues related to gaming are not a priority to the Information Technology Services (ITS) staff. Web cams or other programs are not specifically restricted at this time.


Is there a campus code of behavior about using computer resources?

Ferris has Business Policy Letters stating the proper use of information resources, information technology, network, and software. To view a full list of these policies, view the Business Policy web site.


Does the campus have policies addressing peer-to-peer file sharing, computer viruses, and copyright violations?

Ferris State University already acts on Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices as a matter of University policy by turning the student port off and requiring the student to meet with the Manager of Student Technology Services (STS). Offending programs will be removed from their machines.

The Ferris State University Network may be used only for legal purposes. Sharing access to copyrighted Software or other copyrighted material (including MP3 files from copyrighted music media and movie files) on the network is prohibited.


View the Computer Virus Policy

View the IT Business Policies.

Last updated: 01-04-2016