Course Work - In & Out of Class

How does the campus use technology to enhance teaching and learning?

Blackboard is an online course management system that facilitates learning worldwide. Blackboard is used for fully online courses, as well as online enhanced courses. It allows its users to take tests and quizzes online, correspond via email, chat, use discussion boards, view learning modules, view grades, and much more.

MyFSU is the portal for services that are available to you and to find out more about the University. MyFSU gives you access to services you need to do your work, read announcements, check the weather, and view campus community news. You can access MyFSU anywhere that has an internet connection. MyFSU allows each person to customize their own information, so that they can easily find the information that is important to them. The site is made up of “Tabs” and “Channels” that can be customized and moved depending on your preference.

Tegrity is lecture capture software. It allows professors to record their lectures with a camera and microphone. It also allows documents to be posted and PowerPoints be shown throughout the recorded presentation. This software allows online students to get the whole lecture experience without actually being in a classroom. This software allows students to view or review a lecture via Mac, PC, iPod, or mobile device.


Is there technology in the classrooms?

Many of our classrooms have been remodeled in the last few years. We call the updated classrooms “Smart Classrooms.” These rooms have a wide array of technology available for use. All of our Smart Classrooms have a computer, Symposium monitor, projector, document presenter, and Classroom Performance System (CPS, better known as clicker system). Most of the classrooms that are not considered Smart Classrooms have a computer and projector system installed. In addition to the smart classroom equipment, we have many labs and specialized classrooms that use industry specific technology to help students learn the different types of technology they will be using in their fields of study. 


Will you use technology to collaborate with other students in both your introductory and advanced courses?

Yes, all course levels encourage students to collaborate with their peers. Whether it's for a group project, to discuss course subjects, or to ask questions they may have. To do these things, we give you an array of technology to efficiently collaborate with other students.


  • Chat: This feature can be used to chat with other students or the instructor in real time.
  • Discussions: A discussion can be posted for anyone in the course to respond to. This feature can be used to ask classmates a question. Any of your classmates or professors can reply to the questions.
  • Email: This feature can be used to send a message to a single person, the instructor, a group of people, or the whole class. With this feature, students are able to message anyone from a particular course without knowing their email address; however, you can't send any emails from FerrisConnect to any email address other than another FerrisConnect email account.


  • FerrisMail: This account works the same as a normal email account. Students can message anyone on or off campus. This account is powered by Gmail and works as a non-Ferris Gmail account does.
  • My Courses: This is a feature that is available through MyFSU for any course that doesn't use FerrisConnect.
    • News: Allows students to submit news articles for others to read.
    • Photos: Allows students to post photos for others to view.
    • Links: Allows students to post web links for others to view.
    • Files: Allows students to post files to be downloaded by other students or the instructor.
    • Message Board: A discussion can be posted for anyone else in the course to respond to. This feature can be used to ask others a question you might have or to post a topic you would like to get feedback from the other students on.
    • Chat: Can be used to chat with other students or the instructor in real time.


Does the school give credit for courses taken online from other institutions and sources of instruction?

Our Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships web site has online and contact information to help determine if courses transfer to Ferris for credit. 


Last updated: 01-04-2016