Instructions for Mac users on how to stay out of remediation

Mac users who have been experiencing issues with being stuck in remediation when trying to login to Bradford may follow these steps to stay out of remediation.

1. Set your computer to launch your antivirus software upon login to computer.

2. In your antivirus program, enable auto-updates for both the antivirus program itself and its definitions (if definitions are older than 14 days, you will be put back in remediation).

To do this, go to your applications and find your antivirus software. It may also be in System Preferences. 


If your antivirus software doesn't already automatically update - and many do - simply find the settings in your particular antivirus program and enable automatic updating. For example:antivirusupdates

3. In firewall settings, allow inbound connections to "BNDAEMON."


4. If you can allow automatic OS updates, that also may help.macautomaticOS

If you need further assistance, contact TAC or take your Mac to Student Technology Services for assistance.


Last updated: 04-11-2014