Java Security Issues - What you need to know - Jan. 2013

Java, a language and platform software used to run websites and programs, is susceptible to security exploits. Many PC, Mac, and Linux users employ Java to access a variety of applications on many websites. Recently, Java has left millions of users vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Java 7 update 10 and older versions of Java are prone to unauthenticated attacks to your system and information. Additionally, this vulnerability can lure online users to virus-infected websites. Ferris State University urges users to disable Java, even if you have the most up-to-date versions.

If it is absolutely necessary to use Java, we suggest using two browsers. Use one browser for almost all of your browsing needs with Java disabled and a second browser with Java enabled, to use only when absolutely necessary.

If you disable Java, you will be unable to use these applications in FerrisConnect:

  • Multiple File Uploading
  • Collaboration Tool


For information regarding which version of Java you have, or how to enable and disable Java, follow the link below:



Last updated: 04-07-2014