Gaming console help for new PS4 and Xbox One

We know some of you living on campus will be getting a PS4 at midnight on November 15 or getting an Xbox One at midnight, November 22. In order for you to get on the network, we will need to get some information from these new devices.

Therefore, we set up a special help line which you can call for help from 12 am to 2 am from November 15 to November 22 - basically, until we get the network set up with the correct configuration to let those new models on the network. The special phone number is 231-591-2999.

If you call and can't get through, please be patient, as it is only one tech manning this number. Once we get the first ones set up, everyone else using that type of device will be all set and will not need to call us; you will just need to register it using the standard network device registration process.

If you need assistance with a game console any other time, contact the Technology Assistance Center at (231) 591-4822 or toll-free (877) 779-4822.

Last updated: 04-07-2014