Email Replacement Timeline


Projected Timeline for the Selection of a Product

Status Estimated Date Activity


 Complete Fall 2012

A group of IT individuals gathered information about current options that would be appropriate for an educational institution of our size and our technical environment. We are beginning by evaluating the main vendors in the market.

Complete Early Jan 2013 Vendors arrive on campus for Demo of their products to the Faculty and Staff.
         Selection committee meets with vendors also
Complete  Feb 15th  Feedback from constituents through February 15th
Complete   Jan-Feb 2013  Additional demonstrations, if needed
Complete   March 2013 Committee meetings to assess the data and build consensus on recommendation
Complete   March 2013  Recommendation on solution developed and published
 Complete May 7, 2013 Committee finalized recommendation report
Complete June  2013 President's Council approval
Complete July-Dec 2013 IT staff will work on the implementation, communication, and training plan for the University
 In progress Jan -March 2014 Conversion for the faculty and staff email

Last updated: 04-25-2014