Email Replacement Selection Committee Charge


The charge of this committee is to recommend a replacement system for Lotus Notes to the University leadership and to the University at large. The scope of this replacement solution is for faculty and staff. However, by also working with students, we will consider how this solution will affect all involved. 


Three cloud-based solutions have been pre-selected for evaluation through previous planning discussions and research on market leaders and higher education trends. These cloud-based solutions provide e-mail, calendaring, and new collaboration tools.

IT Services, along with the Purchasing department, has scheduled three demonstrations. The demonstrations will be live on the Big Rapids campus and will also be broadcast via distance learning technologies to Grand Rapids. We are also planning to record the demonstrations and provide webinar connectivity for remote locations.

A survey will be created to collect feedback from University customers and participants. The committee will analyze both the quantitative and qualitative information from the surveys to assist in making the recommendation.

The committee must keep in mind that they are representing multiple constituents with different priorities and needs, and each solution will vary in its features and advantages. We must work together to recommend the best overall solution that will best meet the needs of the most end-users.

Last updated: 03-19-2014