Product Demo Overview

Between January 7th and 9th, the Information Technology Services staff and Purchasing staff viewed product demonstrations from Merit Mail, Google Apps for Education, and Microsoft Office 365. These vendors demonstrated each of their product's e-mail, calendaring, and collaboration tools while answering questions from those who attended.

The presentations were held in Big Rapids, but were also streamed live via videocast to a location in Grand Rapids. They were also recorded and can be viewed here.

After you view the sessions, Give us your Feedback to submit your evaluations.

We've had Lotus Notes for over a decade and it is likely that we will keep the next service for a while too, so it is worth your time to review the recordings and fill out the surveys. Let your voice be heard!

If you have any further questions, contact John Urbanick, 231-591-2138, or e-mail him at

Last updated: 03-19-2014