Committee on Directors

Foundation Directors
Dave Eisler, Chair
Howard Stross, Chair of Board
John Hare, Chair-Elect of the Board
Kevin Cross, Immediate Past Chair
Karl Roth, Chair of Investment Committee

FSU Staff (Support/Non-Voting)
Carla Miller, Executive Director
Shelly Armstrong, VP for Univ. Adv. & Mkt.

Scope of Responsibility

  1. Identification and enlistment of individuals of wealth, influence, and special expertise who are capable of advancing Ferris and its mission
  2. Orientation and ongoing education of Foundation Directors
  3. Management and coordination of committee assignments
  4. Assessment and evaluation of Director performance

Current Agenda

  1. Refinement of the enlistment process
  2. Strategies for engaging and identifying individuals who fit the profile of the ideal Foundation Director as Ferris moves forward
  3. Ongoing diversification of Foundation membership
  4. Establishment of a regular and ongoing Board development and education program
  5. Incorporation of an ongoing Board education plan related to campaigns, fundraising, and awareness building