Merit Grant Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If your question is not listed here, please contact Foundation Assistant Kim Erickson

  1. Will my application be funded? Although there are many exceptional proposals submitted, funding is limited. Only those that best meet the criteria will ultimately be funded.
  2. I can't complete my application on time. Can I have extra time? Only those proposals submitted by the deadline will be considered.
  3. What if I can't get a signature on time? In preparing your proposal, it is important to communicate with your Dean/Department Head/Chair or Vice President/supervisor and arrange for signatures within the allowed time period. Applications without proper signatures will not be considered.
  4. Are there samples available to view? Yes. You can view winning applications by clicking here. Contact Foundation Assistant Kim Erickson by email or by phone at 231.591.2365 if you need additional assistance in viewing proposals.
  5. I'm trying to send my grant, but it wants to find an email program. What's happening? Per the instructions on the Merit Grant Homepage, it is critical that you be at a computer that has your Lotus Notes client installed in order to successfully send the form to the Foundation office. Make sure you have your grant materials in a Word document. If you didn't do this, make sure you copy your materials to a Word file before you close the form. Otherwise, you will lose all your work. Take the word document to a computer that has your Lotus Notes client, copy and paste the materials, then send it to the Foundation office.
  6. I can't make this form work. Who can help me? Call Mary Kay MacIver at 591.3739. She can walk you through it, or she is happy to have you make an appointment to see her for assistance.  IMPORTANT.  If you are using a Mac to complete your application, choose the "Internet Email" option, save your xml file to your desktop, then open Lotus Notes and email it to Kimberly Erickson.
  7. Note: When you click the "Submit" button, you will get a screen that looks like the following. Be sure to select "Desktop Email Application" and click "OK" to send your application.