Ferris FAQs
Key Features of the Ferris Google Maps

The interactive maps for Ferris State University have many useful features.

On the left side of the the map is a categorized, alphabetical, color, and image coded list of items displayed on that map. Primary buildings are red teardrops, Athletic and open spaces on campus are green teardrops. Colored pins indicate the parking types available on campus. Yellow houses indicate residence halls, and there are a few specialized markers.

The list in the left column can be searched using your browser's page search capabilities.

Clicking on an item in the list or on a marker on the map will generate a "pop-up" with an information box about that item. That information box may have information about the building's use and/or links to more detailed information about the location's use.

There are additional options available in each pop-up, including directions to the specific location and the ability to "search nearby." The directions button will produce a directions option appearing at the top of the left column. "Search nearby" allows users to explore map items in close proximity to a present location.  And, the "More" drop-down menu within the pop-up further expands a user's options, including the ability to "Send" an email that contains a link to that marker on the map.

In addition, a "Map" box and a "Traffic" rectangle are displayed in the upper right corner right of the map.  Hovering over "Map" and "Traffic" causes several options to be displayed. For the "Map" hover, a street map view, a Google Earth map view, and a satellite map view may be chosen. The default for the Ferris maps is the satellite view. The street map does not have all of the buildings indicated and therefore can be harder to understand.

You may notice that there are no street names displayed on the Ferris maps. Displaying street names can result in additional clutter and make the map difficult to read.  Displaying the street names also causes Google labels to be displayed (there are several within the area of Ferris that are not accurate). If you wish to display street names, hover over the "Traffic" rectangle and select the "labels" option that appears.