Strategies for Teachers

Become part of the SAFE Place Program

Address negative school-based incidents on the spot — targeted harassment, putdowns (whether or not targeted to individuals), anti-gay jokes and graffiti, and labeling.

Change language that assumes everyone is or should be heterosexual (use "partner" rather than girl/boyfriend, "permanent relationship" rather than marriage). Talk about "if you are with a partner someday" rather than "someday when you are married."

Familiarize yourself with Ferris policies that promote protection of students and staff from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Support their implementation (for example, support insurance benefits for domestic partners).

Identify gay/lesbian/bisexual contributions throughout the curriculum (history, literature, art, science, religion, politics, etc).

Provide history of oppression (such as gays killed in the Holocaust, origin of word "faggot").

Submit requests to add to library holdings (both fiction and nonfiction) related to sexual diversity.

Be aware of resources (support groups both on and off campus, such as the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance - D-SAGA) for lesbian/gay students and their families.

Include issues for gay/lesbian students and staff in coverage in the Torch and University-wide Notices.

Bring in openly lesbian/gay/bisexual adults, parents of gays and lesbians, and other allies as resources in classes.

Support the inclusion of gay/lesbian/bisexual concerns in all prevention programs (such as suicide, dropout, pregnancy) and in training of peer leaders, student government, and other groups.