Make Others Feel Safer

Display a SAFE Place logo. You don't need to be an expert. The logo signals your acceptance of all students. If a student asks for help you can't give, you can help them find someone who can help (for example, the Ferris Counseling Center).

Do not permit homophobic comments or jokes. This includes not making comments or jokes, as well as stepping in when someone else does. Simply state that you find the comment offensive.

Do not assume everyone is heterosexual. Likewise, do not assume you can tell if someone is gay or lesbian.

Use inclusive language. Use terms such as "significant other" or "partner." Instead of asking if someone is married or has a boyfriend or girlfriend, ask if they are in a relationship, leaving the gender ambiguous.

Treat the subject in a positive way. Gay, lesbian, and bisexual students frequently feel invisible or alone, and often leave Ferris because of this.

Respect the privacy of the individual. Do not assume someone is ready for you to know their gender orientation. If they do tell you, do not assume they want anyone else to know.