Commencement Faculty Entrance

Faculty Information

Regalia Orders:

If you plan to participate in Commencement please contact your college’s Commencement Coordinator (see list below) by no later than Thursday, March 24, 2016, to inform them that you are planning on attending and/or to order regalia.  Shipping and handling for late orders costs more than the gown rental, therefore no late orders will be accepted.  Your college’s Commencement Coordinator will verify that your regalia information is accurate.  Faculty/staff who have never ordered regalia will be asked for information such as height, university attended and degree earned.

Presidential Party Information (Speaker/Adjutant/Marshal/Mace Bearer):

Please contact your College's Commencement Coordinator (see list below) to order your regalia.

If you are participating as part of the Presidential Party (Speaker/Adjutant/Marshal/Mace Bearer) you may ride the bus from the University Center with the other Presidential Party members.

Adjutants, Marshals, and Mace Bearers Duties:

The Adjutant serves as the Commencement Moderator and is the University official who reads each graduate's name prior to crossing the stage.  Before each graduate crosses the stage they will hand the Adjutant a card that includes their name and if needed, a phonetic spelling of their name.    

The Marshals are responsible for leading the graduates and faculty into Wink Arena and seating them in the appropriate seats. 

The Mace Bearer will carry the mace and lead the Presidential Party into Wink Arena and onto the stage.

A detailed instruction sheet will be sent to each volunteer via email. A rehearsal will also take place prior to Commencement. 

Each ceremony has one Adjutant, two Marshals and one Mace Bearer.

Day of the Ceremony:

If you are planning to participate in a Commencement ceremony as a faculty member please report to the Multipurpose Room, located in the Ewigleben Sports Complex no later than ½ hour prior to the start of the ceremony. There will be signs posted to help direct you. You will receive further instructions at that time.

If you have rented regalia, please make sure that you return your cap and gown to your college's Commencement Coordinator as soon as possible after the ceremony.

College Contact Phone Location Email
Arts & Sciences Barb Hampel 231.591.3660 ASC 3052
Business Carri Griffis 231.591.2493 BUS 200
DCCL Megan Biller 231-591-2710 ALU 113
Education and Human Services Jacee Potts 231.591.2700 BIS 604 
Engineering Technology Deb Ducat 231.591.2961 JHN 200 
FLITE Laurie Wernette 231.591.3727 FLITE 410E
Health Professions Kathy Hotz 231.591.2342 VFS 210
Optometry Michelle Aldrich 231.591.3700 MCO 236
Pharmacy Tara Lee 231.591.3780 PHR 105
Retention & Student Success Nina Davis 231.591.2428 ASC 1016

For questions regarding the ceremony please contact the Commencement office at (231) 591.3803 or by email at